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Where the Chiefs Stand with Scott Pioli

If we shook a Magic 8 Ball and asked if Scott Pioli was coming to Kansas City, it would say "All signs point to yes."

As any NFL fan will tell you though, that really doesn't mean anything. Scott Pioli is a secretive man when it comes to his professional life and quite frankly, we don't know any of the details of the discussions with him and Clark Hunt.

Here is what we do know:

  • Pioli met with Clark Hunt on Monday to discuss the open GM position
  • The Chiefs are the only "official" opportunity for Pioli now, although I suspect another NFL team would jump at the chance for Pioli if the Chiefs' somehow botched the deal
  • Scott Pioli will almost assuredly not be the Browns' GM because of their recent hire of head coach Eric Mangini

That's really it as far as "hard" information.

We have a report from 610 Sports radio that Pioli was made an offer by Clark Hunt  and that the details were merely being worked out. I'd like to believe it, and I don't think it's a completely false rumor, but talk radio is about as far down the ladder of reliable sports information as you can get. I hope the offer is true though.

Right now, we wait. And we may be waiting for awhile. At the same time, news of Pioli's hire could come as quickly as today or tomorrow. Nobody really knows.

We'll be going about the off season business as usual and covering GM news of course. I don't want people to think the signing is imminent when we have no information about that. We'd have a bunch of you in the hospital for exhaustion if Pioli signs in a week or two instead of right now.

Wait, read and be happy that the Chiefs are pursuing the best possible GM candidate. We waited 20 years between GM regimes in Kansas City. We can wait a bit longer this January.

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