Georgia QB Matthew Stafford Reportedly Entering NFL Draft

It would appear that the field of college QBs for the 2009 NFL draft is about to get a little deeper, with record-setting Georgia QB Matthew Stafford (and his teammate Knowshon Moreno) reportedly prepared to declare for early entry (although no announcement has been made).

Stafford, a junior from Highland Park, Texas, might be the first player selected in the draft, according to Todd McShay, director of college football scouting for Scouts Inc. who also does NFL draft analysis for ESPN.

The strong-armed passer set a Georgia single-season record with 25 touchdown passes this year. He threw for 3,459 yards this season, the second-best total in school history, and ranked 15th nationally in pass efficiency.

As I'm sure regular Arrowhead Pride readers know, Stafford's a guy who has popped up on AP's message boards before, with several commenters hoping that he'll end up wearing a Chiefs uniform next season.  Personally I'm not all that sold on him (as he's only had one great season out of three) but his status as a top-tier candidate can only help our chances of landing the QB I'd love to see the Chiefs get if top drafter Detroit ends up falling for Stafford's abilities...Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford (assuming he declares for the draft by the Jan. 15 deadline).

Of course, what Stafford has produced this year at Georgia has been pretty impressive, so even if the Chiefs decide that he's their guy I can't say that I'll be exceptionally unhappy...even if I'd prefer they went with a lineman (offensive or defensive) if they can't get Bradford.

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