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Where We Stand: The Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receivers

The "Where We Stand" series began about this time last year and the goal is to examine the current roster position by position before free agency and the draft kicks in. It's part looking towards the future and part looking at the past.

The Chiefs have had great QBs, running backs and wide receivers but never all three at the same time, outside of the 1969 Super Bowl winning roster. Most teams don't have all three but it sounds nice, doesn't it?

Only two recievers from last year's Where We Stand are still on the Chiefs' roster- Dwayne Bowe and Jeff Webb. Bobby Sippio, Eddie Kennison, Samie Parker and Jared Allen rounded out last year's list of WRs we reviewed.

Let's see where we stand as we head into the off season.

Dwayne Bowe



Rec.: 86
Yards: 1,022
Yds/Game: 63.9
TD: 7

There's not much you can say about Dwayne Bowe that hasn't been said already on this site. He's the real deal and another great season in 2008 dispelled any notions of him being a rookie wonder and then fizzling out. Bowe did drop 13 passes this year, good for second worst in the NFL behind Braylon Edwards (16 drops). Of course, Bowe will start next year and will continue to be the Chiefs' #1 receiver indefinitely.

Impact in 2009: Bowe is really the second receiver on the team behind TE Tony Gonzalez. As much as the Chiefs lean on TG, you'd think that there is potential for Bowe to get more looks as teams continue to put their best players on the TE. I think Bowe hovers around his 2008 numbers for most of his career.

Mark Bradley



Rec.: 30
Yds/Game: 38
TD: 3

Since coming into the NFL in 2005, Bradley has never played a full NFL season. Part of this has been injuries and part has been the roster situation. I'm calling Bradley out as a faker, a reciever who never will live up to the flashes of potential we saw last year. He'll tease us now and then. Or he may not even be on the team past next year. I think his potential is that fickle.

Impact in 2009: If the guy plays for most of the season, then I think he has a lot of potential to rack up yards and catches against defenses more concerned with Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez. I'm not a believer that he will make it through the entire season.

Devard Darling



Rec.: 17
Yds/Game: 15.4
TD: 1

People ragged on Darling's "poor" performance this year and I think that happened because people had too high of expectations for him. The former Raven reciever was only one of a few free agent picks up by the Chiefs in the 2008 off season, automatically placing an inordinate amount of attention on the guy. We were looking for a "breakout" season in '08 instead of looking at Darling for what he is- a #3/4, ~30 reception player. As we saw in the first game of the season against the Patriots, Darling doesn't have any special speed or any extroadinary attribtutes really.

Impact in 2009: Darlng may never catch more than 20 passes a year in KC. That's barely a pass a game. We won't hear his name much but I think he'll make the team.

Will Franklin



Rec.: 7
Yds/Game: 6.4
TD: 0

I'm on the fence about Will Franklin. I know the MU Tiger fans will jump on his "potential" but the guy looked completely lost last year. I think he'll fall into the mid-round draft selection abyss and we'll rarely hear about him.

Impact in 2009: Franklin won't jump up the depth chart but will be on the team. He's more Jeff Webb right now than Mark Bradley. He may be good for ~15 catches next year.

Jeff Webb



Rec.: 5
Yds/Game: 9.2
TD: 0

The Chiefs really need to cut their ties with Jeff Webb, especially since Herm Edwards is now gone. Webb, like Samie Parker of last year, has had his chances to show what he can do and it's obvious the Chiefs coaches haven't noticed much in him. The Chiefs would be better off switching Webb out with another low level player, just for the sake of freshness.

Impact in 2009: I think the 2009 off season is finally the time we let Jeff Webb go. He'll be one of those guys in those "batch" releases of players some time this spring.


Like most NFL teams, the Chiefs are top heavy at reciever. We're more top heavy than a lot of teams but the fact that we have a fantastic #1 helps mask that a bit.

The Chiefs don't need another #1 receiver; just a really good #2 guy or a more productive supporting cast. I don't see the Chiefs making any runs at any free agent wide outs. We'll stick with what we've got more than likely and see how things shake out in training camp.

Does anyone aside from Jeff Webb not make the Chiefs roster in 2009?

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