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Musical Chairs with the Chiefs Head Coach Rumors's been quite the emotional ride with these head coaching rumors, hasn't it?

Just three days ago, I laid out a post that compiled close to ten rumored head coaching candidates for the Kansas City Chiefs.

All of these were pure speculation, mostly based on a connection to Scott Pioli at some point prior in his career.

The only rumor that seemed to stand out from the rest was Jack Harry's Mike Shanahan rumor from yesterday. Harry said sources close to/within the Chiefs indicated that Mike Shanahan may be announced as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach as early as Friday. It was the only rumor that seemed to have at least tiny legs to it. Harry staked his reputation on this reporting rumor (at least in my eyes) but he was brutally rebuffed (movie line?) by Adam Schefter of just a few hours ago.

Are you noticing a pattern? Rumors and speculation are hitting a feverish pitch, only to be completely voided a short time later.

Use this thread for some lighter Chiefs discussion until we can figure just what in the heck is going on.

I want you to know that we'll continue to speculate here at AP and label rumors as such. But for now, I'm beat and really have no idea what to think. Take a moment to take yourself out of the rumor frenzy and clear your head. Once the music stops, we'll see who's left standing.

This is what comes from living under a Pioli regime!

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