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Morning Update (Anxious Herm Edition)



Not a lot of new developments to report on the Browns and their pursuit of New England Vice President of Player Personnel Scott Pioli. It appears, if he's even serious about leaving New England, that Pioli is leaning towards Cleveland.

In the case of the latter, it still doesn’t appear the type of fit neither Pioli, nor the Chiefs would be looking for. Kansas City historically hasn’t paid the kind of money it would take to land Pioli, and chairman Clark Hunt has already decided the duties of former general manager Carl Peterson would be divided, rather than give full control to his replacement.

Pioli to the Chiefs seems to be an after thought at this point. Here are some links to get you going today.

Chiefs News

AFC West News

  • Rocky Mountain News: "The Broncos moved quickly on New Year's Day, locking up interviews with three NFL assistants as well as making a preliminary move to contact University of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops."
  • The Sports Guru was a big media contact during the initial coverage of Mike Shanahan's firing. Check out The Mile High Report for all of the coverage.
  • It sucks to make the playoffs against improbable odds and potentially not have your two best offensive players available.

Other News

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