What’s The Hold Up!!


Answer this question for me Chiefs Nation; Why does Herm still have a job?

The NFL post season will not resume for two weeks so you don’t have to worry about stealing the spotlight from two very deserving teams.

After almost a week I’m sure Scott Pioli has found time in between Gates BBQ runs on 40 highway to interview Herm.

After 30 seconds with Herm I’m sure Pioli could see that Herm would not fit into the “Patriot way” of doing things so why is he still here?

Did Pioli take this job with out full control over his head coach?

Will Scott Pioli have to go through his first full season with a lame duck coach?

I don’t believe Pioli took this job without assurances from Clark Hunt that he could fire Herm if and when he wanted…

“If and when he wanted” that’s a very interesting statement and I have heard it on almost every sports talk radio show. What sticks out to me there is the word WHEN.

Perhaps Pioli does like Bill Cowher and knows that Cowher wants another year to recharge the batteries. If you are Scott Pioli do you wait out the year with Herm or do you hire a guy who in your mind is your second or third option? Perhaps Pioli like Clark Hunt over the last few weeks knows exactly what he’s doing.


I just pray he knows what he's doing...


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