The East West Shrine game: Its rosters and projected draft status of each player.

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Hunter Cantwell: Louisville (6-5, 236) Projection: 5th Round

Possesses a big frame with the arm strength to make all the throws in the NFL. Needs more time to develop, but has all the tools to really climb up the draft boards.


Chase Daniel: Missouri (6-0, 225) Projection: Free Agent

An undersized quarterback prospect that lacks the arm strength to make all the throws. Displays good accuracy, but will struggle finding throwing windows at the next level.


Brian Hoyer: Michigan State (6-3, 215) Projection: 7th Round/Free Agent

Isn’t a real accurate passer and lacks the athletic ability to buy time in the pocket. Is smart with the football, but lacks the tools of a big time prospect.


Running Backs


Tyrell Sutton: Northwestern (5-9, 190) Projection: 6th Round

An instinctive runner with good vision and burst through the hole. Showcases some wiggle at the second level, but lacks the size to take the consistent pounding of being a workhorse back.


Kory Sheets: Purdue (6-0, 206) Projection: 7th Round

A high cut runner with smooth footwork and an explosive first step. Isn’t a real shifty back, but has the vision to see the cutback lane and attack up field


Javarris Williams: Tennessee State (5-11, 220) Projection: 7th round/ Free Agent

A solid, well built back that runs behind his pads and can wear down opposing front sevens. Lacks great speed, but has the quickness to make a man miss and accelerate into space.


Full Backs


Collin Mooney: Army (5-10, 247) Projection:  Free Agent

A thick, physical full back with the ability to push the pile and drive for tough yards. Displays good power and has the mindset to sell his soul week in and week out as a lead blocker.


Wide Receiver


Deon Butler: Penn State (5-10, 168) Projection: 6th Round

A frail looking receiver with an explosive first step and the ability to get vertical. Shows good ball skills down the field and will be able to create big plays from the slot.


Greg Orton: Purdue (6-3, 199) Projection: 7th Round

A big, well built receiver with good body control and awareness on the outside. Isn’t going to run by anyone, but uses his body to shield defenders well in traffic.


Darius Passmore: Marshall (6-3, 188) Projection: 4th Round

A tall, athletically gifted receiver with good burst and body control in and out of his breaks. Is a smooth route runner that showcases the ability to get down the field.


Aaron Kelly: Clemson (6-5, 190) Projection: 6th Round

A finished product that combines size, length and body control on the outside. Lacks any type of explosion to his game and will need to be a possession type receiver at the next level.


Tight Ends


Brian Mandeville: Northeastern (6-7, 253) Projection: 5th Round

A small-school tight end that possesses a nice sized frame and good athletic ability for his size. Is a smooth route runner that displays the strength to hold his own in the blocking game as well.


Anthony Hill: NC State (6-6, 265) Projection: Free Agent

Has struggled with injuries throughout his career (knee, chest), but has the size and frame to at least attract some attention in later rounds. Is a coordinated route runner with good body control, but his knee injuries have really caused him to lose a lot of his explosion.


David Johnson: Arkansas State (6-2, 270) Projection: Free Agent

A natural athlete with good ball skills and fluidity in the passing game. Lacks the size of a typical tight end, but has the versatility to line up at full back and H-back as well.


Offensive Linemen


Alex Boone: Ohio State (6-8, 312) Projection: 4th Round

A former five-star prospect out of high school, has never really lived up to expectations. Is a bit tight hipped and struggles with his lateral mobility, a right sided player only.


Ryan Durand: Syracuse (6-5, 303) Projection: Free Agent

A tall, natural bender inside with a quick first step and good athleticism in space. Lacks strength and doesn’t showcase much power or drive in any aspect of his game.


Ramon Foster: Tennessee (6-8, 325) Projection: 7th Round

A massive right sided prospect that lacks flexibility and isn’t real nimble in space. Showcases good length and when he gets his hands on defensive lineman, the battle is over.


Andy Kemp: Wisconsin (6-6, 316) Projection: 6th Round

A tall, blue-collar offensive lineman who plays with good grit and power inside. Isn’t the most fluid of athletes, but gets by with his technique and toughness.


Jamon Meredith: South Carolina (6-5, 301) Projection: 4th Round

A natural athlete with good bend and body control in space. Isn’t real explosive and lacks girth. Is more of a finesse blocker who might be best suited to play inside.


Cecil Newton: Tennessee State (6-3, 300) Projection: 5th Round

A physical, small-school center with good athleticism and power in the run game. Needs to become a little more polished, but has the natural tools to become a starter at the next level.


Seth Olsen: Iowa (6-5, 305) Projection: 6th Round

A typical Iowa offensive lineman that displays good technique and hand placement inside. A natural bender with good athletic ability, but needs to add more girth and strength to his base.


Augustus Parrish: Kent State (6-5, 305) Projection: 4th Round

Has the skill set and athletic ability to play left tackle in the NFL. Is still very raw and needs to polish his technique, but is one of the most athletically gifted tackles in the draft.


A.Q. Shipley: Penn State (6-1, 297) Projection: 5th Round

A technician inside that plays with good hand placement and understands angles. Lacks size but plays with good leverage and lower body strength off the snap.


Jamie Thomas: Maryland (6-4, 330) Projection: 6th Round

A thick, squatty guard with impressive lower body drive and power in the run game. Displays good length and has created big holes in the run game all year for Maryland.


Defensive Linemen


Lawrence Sidbury: Richmond (6-4, 265) Projection: 6th Round

A long limbed defensive end that exhibits the body control and suddenness to disengage from blockers. Lacks great burst around the corner, but re-directs and slips blocks well in space.


Stryker Sulak: Missouri (6-5, 250) Projection: 6th round

An undersized pass rusher with good closing speed, but lacks natural flexibility and burst out of his stance. Plays with an impressive motor, but isn’t the kind of athlete his 40 time (4.65) would indicate.


Ron Brace: Boston College (6-3, 324) Projection: 4th Round

A big, physical tackle with good body control and agility inside. Displays the ability too not only hold the point of attack in the run game, but slip blocks vs. the pass as well.


Terrance Taylor: Michigan (6-0, 319) Projection: 5th Round

A girthy nose tackle that plays with good leverage and power inside. Tough to move inside, but is limited as a pass rusher and is no more than a two down lineman.


Etienne Legare: Laval (6-4, 265) Projection: Free Agent

The Canadian standout is a tough, blue-collar defender that uses his hands well to make up for his average athleticism.


Orion Martin: Virginia Tech (6-2, 252) Projection: 5th Round

Played both defensive end and linebacker at Virginia Tech, but looks best suited to play in a three point stance. Has an explosive first step with the ability to get after the quarterback.


Sammie Lee Hill: Stillman (6-4, 329) Projection: 7th Round

A developmental prospect with great size and athletic ability inside. He displays a quick first step with the ability to eat up blockers inside. Will need to adjust to playing at a higher level.


Matt Shaughnessy: Wisconsin (6-6, 252) Projection: 3rd Round

A tall, athletic defensive end that coils up well in his stance and can fire off the edge. Isn’t real laterally gifted and lacks power but has the closing speed to turn the corner.


Darryl Richard: Georgia Tech (6-4, 290) Projection: 5th Round

A smart, hard working tackle that combines average size with good athleticism and technique.




DeAndre Levy: Wisconsin (6-3, 228) Projection: 6th round

An athletic sideline-to-sideline backer that chases the ball well in pursuit. Showcases good re-direction skills and coverage, but lacks consistent power inside the box.


Dannell Ellerbe: Georgia (6-1, 232) Projection: 4th Round

An undersized mike linebacker with good range and fluidity in coverage. Lacks great size and is washed out too easy on plays right at him.


Mortty Ivy: West Virginia (6-3, 236) Projection: 4th Round

A strong, explosive linebacker that flies all over the field and makes plays with reckless abandon. Needs to become a bit more instinctive, but has the tools and attitude to fill a variety of roles at the next level.


Jasper Brinkley: South Carolina (6-2, 275) Projection: 5th Round

A massive inside linebacker with good body control and power inside. Is a powerful tackler with natural pass rush ability. May be best suited to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.


Robert Francois: Boston College (6-2, 235) Projection: 7th Round/Free Agent

A typical tough, instinctive Boston College linebacker with good athleticism and burst in space. Is a bit stiff, but has some upside and displays the ability to get after the passer off the edge.


Defensive Backs


Curtis Taylor: LSU (6-3, 204) Projection: 5th Round

Has the ideal build of an NFL safety with good straight-line speed and power at the line of scrimmage. Will bite on play fakes and needs to do a better job wrapping up in space.


Brandon Underwood: Cincinnati (6-1, 190) Projection: 7th Round

A natural cover safety with the frame and build of a corner. Is fluid in man coverage and has the ability to line up over the slot. A versatile athlete in the Cincinnati secondary.


Otis Wiley: Michigan State (6-2, 210) Projection: 5th Round

A physical, well-built safety with good instincts and ball skills in coverage. Loves to attack downhill, but has a tendency to over run plays and not take proper angles.


Trent Morgan: Michigan (6-1, 188) Projection: 6th Round

A tall corner with decent technique but lacks burst and explosion in and out of his breaks. Will really struggle in man coverage at the next level and is best suited for a cover two scheme, where he can use his instincts.


Jahi Word-Daniels: Georgia Tech (6-0 194) Projection: 5th Round

A tall, lean corner that showcases good bend and a fluid backpedal. Has the ability to go up at the highest point and break on balls. Is at his best in press coverage.


Courtney Greene: Rutgers (6-2, 215) Projection: 3rd Round

A well-built safety with good power at the line of scrimmage and straight-line speed in the secondary.  A bit “leggy” and struggles re-directing in space.




Jake Richardson: Miami (6-1, 208) Projection: Free Agent

A strong legged punter who averaged 45.3 yards per punt in 2008.


Graham Gano: Florida State (6-1, 193) Projection: 5th Round

The Lou Groza Award winner was 24/26 on field goal opportunities and also averaged 43.6 yards per punt in 2008.


West Team




Tom Brandstater: Fresno State (6-5, 225) Projection: 6th Round

Showcases the prototypical build for the quarterback position with good arm strength and touch down the field. A lacking athlete that didn’t have the type of year many expected.


Mike Reilly: Central Washington (6-3, 212) Projection: 6th Round

A dominant small-school prospect that is a dual run/pass threat. Showcases good accuracy on the move and has the ability to buy time in the pocket.


Stephen McGee: Texas A&M (6-3, 207) Projection: 7th Round/ Free Agent

Displays a very intriguing skill set, he just needs time to develop. A good athlete with the arm strength to make all the throws, has some Tony Romo in him.


Running Backs


Ian Johnson: Boise State (6-0, 196) Projection: 7th Round

An instinctive runner with good lateral mobility and body control. Lacks a second gear and doesn’t showcase any kind of explosion to his game.


Gartrell Johnson: Colorado State (5-11, 230) Projection: 7th Round

A thickly built back with a powerful lower half and good “wiggle” for his size. Showcases good vision and lateral mobility at the line of scrimmage, but lacks the speed to out run anyone at the second level.


Aaron Brown: TCU (6-1, 196) Projection: 7th Round/ Free Agent

A tall, high cut runner with decent power and agility for his size. Has the ability to step out of tackles, but lacks body control and isn’t real sharp cutter.


Full Backs


Jorvorskie Lane: Texas A&M (6-0, 285) Projection: 7th Round/ Free Agent

A massive, thick framed full back that exhibits very nimble feet for his size. A natural runner, but needs to learn to become a more consistent lead blocker.


Wide Receivers


Ramses Barden: Cal Poly (6-6, 227) Projection: 3rd Round

A king sized wide out with good body control and hands over the middle of the field. However, he is a strider with below average deep speed, but showcases good suddenness out of his breaks.


Jarrett Dillard: Rice (5-11, 185) Projection: 5th Round

A frail receiver prospect with excellent hand eye coordination. Displays the ability to consistently go up and pluck the ball at the highest point.  However, he will struggle big time with bump coverage in the NFL.


Marko Mitchell: Nevada (6-3, 210) Projection: 5th Round

A physically imposing receiver with good burst and body control in and out of his breaks. Isn’t a burner, but shows some explosion and can separate on all levels of the field.


Mike Thomas: Arizona (5-8, 195) Projection: 6th Round

An undersized slot guy with good agility and acceleration in the open field. Is more quick than fast, but has the ability to uncover down the field.


Sammie Stroughter: Oregon State (6-0, 186) Projection: 4th Round

A bit frail framed, but showcases good footwork and burst in and out of his breaks. Displays an explosive first step and knows how to separate on all levels of the field.


H-Backs/Tight Ends


Mark Hafner: Houston (6-3, 235) Projection: 6th Round

A smooth, natural receiver in the passing game that does a nice job getting in and out of his breaks quickly. Lacks the size and power to play tight end, but can create mismatches at the next level.


Jared Bronson: Central Washington (6-4, 255) Projection: 6th  Round

A smooth, good looking tight end prospect with impressive straight-line speed. Lacks great change of directions skills underneath, but is a reliable pass catcher.


Bear Pascoe: Fresno State (6-5, 260) Projection: 4th Round

A tall, well built tight end that not only displays good hands and body control in the passing game, but showcases the ability to block on the edge and get good push in the run game.


Offensive Linemen


Travis Bright: BYU (6-5, 318) Projection: 6th Round

A tall, thick bodied lineman with decent pop and flexibility out of his stance. Plays a bit high, but showcases good fight and technique in 1v1 battles.


Jon Cooper: Oklahoma (6-3, 290) Projection: 7th Round

An undersized center that displays good quickness and technique inside.  Lacks the ability to hold the point of attack vs. bigger D-linemen and is best suited for a zone blocking scheme.


Rey Feinga: BYU (6-5, 331) Projection: 4th Round

A massive guard prospect with good power and quickness for his size. Is surprisingly nimble in pass protection and should become a solid in-line blocker at the next level.


Juan Garcia: Washington (6-3, 305) Projection: Free Agent

A 6th year senior that lacks power and lateral mobility in pass protection. Showcases good pop in the run game, but struggled like the rest of the Washington team in 2008.


Dan Gay: Baylor (6-5, 282) Projection: 7th Round/Free Agent

Was overshadowed by teammate Jason Smith this season, but Gay is an impressive natural athlete in his own right. He needs to add more girth and power to his frame.  However, he has the athleticism and length to be an intriguing late round guy.


Simeon Rottier: Alberta (6-6, 286) Projection: Free Agent

A tall, long armed prospect with average athleticism and an under developed frame.  Lacks the girth to be able to hold the point of attack on the outside.


Fenuki Tupou: Oregon (6-6, 322) Projection: 3rd Round

A right sided player with good length and body control on the outside. Is very coordinated and re-directs well in space for a man his size.


Sebastian Vollmer: Houston (6-8, 315) Projection: Free Agent

A tall, long limbed tackle that lacks flexibility and struggles with leverage on the outside. Showcases decent athletic ability, but is consistently walked backward vs. the bull rush.


Louis Vasquez: Texas Tech (6-6, 335) Projection: 7th Round/Free Agent

A massive guard prospect with good size and length. Lacks flexibility and struggles re-directing in space. Has never been asked to run block at Texas Tech and is not as powerful as his size would indicate.


Cedric Dockery: Texas (6-4, 315) Projection: 3rd Round

An underrated prospect with good bend and athleticism in all areas of his game. Showcases the feet to slide laterally in pass protection, but needs to do a better job staying on blocks.


Defensive Linemen


Michael Bennett: Texas A&M (6-4, 277) Projection: 5th Round

Displays an impressive first step with the power and suddenness to consistently shed blocks. However, he needs to learn to play with better flexibility off the snap.


Pannel Egboh: Stanford (6-6, 270) Projection: 4th Round

Possesses a nice frame with long arms, but doesn’t display any kind of explosion to his game. Might be best suited to add more weight and play the five-technique in the 3-4.


Jarron Gilbert: San Jose State (6-6, 280) Projection: 5th Round

A natural bender inside who coils up well in his stance and displays excellent first step quickness off the snap. Consistently gets up field and uses his length nicely to shed blocks. Will need to prove he has the power and girth to hold the point of attack inside.


Ra’Shon Harris: Oregon (6-5, 321) Projection: Free Agent

A tall, thickly built tackle with decent power and push inside. Lacks laterally mobility and struggles shedding blocks inside.  He doesn’t make many plays on his own.


Phillip Hunt: Houston (6-1, 260) Projection: 6th Round

An undersized pass rusher with good quickness and the ability to slip blocks outside. Showcases natural dip around the corner and closes quickly on the quarterback.


David Veikune: Hawaii (6-3, 250) Projection: 5th Round

A natural athlete with good body control and the suddenness to shed blocks. Lacks the burst to consistently reach the edge, but uses his hands and power well to make his way into the backfield.


John Faletoese: Cal Davis (6-2, 295) Projection: 7th Round

An explosive, quick twitch interior lineman who makes a living in his opponent’s backfield.  A one gap tackle who loves to shoot gaps and get after the quarterback inside.


Roy Miller: Texas (6-2, 295) Projection: 6th Round

A tough, blue-collar lineman that displays a good first step and powerful drive off the ball.  Isn’t physically imposing, but works hard and plays with good leverage at the point of attack.




Victor Butler: Oregon State (6-2, 238) Projection: 6th Round

An explosive defensive end at Oregon State who will make the transition to linebacker in the NFL. An ideal 3-4 outside linebacker prospect with natural pass rush ability


Anthony Felder: California (6-3, 235) Projection: 7th Round/Free Agent

A stocky, well built athlete with good power and stack and shed ability inside. A 3-4 middle linebacker at California and could be able to find a home there in the NFL.


Kaluka Maiava: USC (6-0, 230) Projection: 6th round

An under the radar prospect with good power inside and explosive sideline-to-sideline range. Like former USC linebacker Thomas Williams, Maiava should shoot up draft boards during the post-season process.


Jason Phillips: TCU (6-1, 234) Projection: 4th Round

An athletic looking inside linebacker with good straight-line speed. A bit slow to re-direct, but showcases good instincts and a nose for the ball.


Worrell Williams: California (6-0, 250) Projection: 4th Round

A shorter, powerfully built inside linebacker with good girth and lower body strength. Exhibits a good first step and has the athleticism to play any linebacker spot in a 3-4.


Jason Williams: Western Illinois (6-3, 237) Projection: 6th Round

A small-school prospect that has dominated his level of competition. Has a good sized frame with explosive sideline-to-sideline range. Makes a lot of plays in pursuit.


Defensive Backs


Kevin Ellison: USC (6-1, 230) Projection: 4th Round

Has the build of a linebacker and can really lay the wood in the run game. Is a bit stiff to re-direct in space, but displays good instincts in the pass game.


Cary Harris: USC (6-0, 180) Projection: 7th Round/Free Agent

A tall, long armed corner with good flexibility and instincts in zone coverage.  Lacks great range and struggles playing with his back to the ball.


Lendy Holmes: Oklahoma (6-1, 201) Projection: 6th Round

A former wide receiver and cornerback that is still adjusting to the safety position.  However, he is a good looking athlete that displays the instincts and ball hawking ability to makes plays in the passing game.


Brandon Hughes: Oregon State (5-10, 184) Projection: 7th Round

A smaller, undersized corner that relies on his technique and fluid hips. Showcases a quick, compact backpedal and is best suited to play in the slot at the next level.


Darcel McBath: Texas Tech (6-1, 197) Projection: 5th Round

Displays impressive closing speed in the secondary with a nose for the ball.  Has the range to cover the deep half and takes good angles in pursuit.


Ryan Palmer: Texas (5-10, 186) Projection: Free Agent

An undersized corner prospect with good deep speed and decent footwork in and out of his breaks. Lacks ball skills and will struggle in man coverage at the next level.


Ryan Mouton: Hawaii (5-10, 180) Projection: Free Agent

He has played well this year and displays the deep speed to consistently turn and run with receivers down the field. Lacks polish and gets too “long-legged’ out of his back pedal.




Thomas Morstead: Southern Methodist (6-4, 220) Projection: 7th Round

One of the top punter/kicker prospects in this year’s draft.  Averaged 41.7 yards per punt in 2008 and also hit 11/15 field goals with a long of 49.


Nick Sundberg: California (6-0, 244) Projection: Free Agent

Has been the starting long snapper for California since his freshman year and was 128/129 on snaps in 2007.


David Buehler: USC (6-2, 225) Projection: Free Agent

A strong legged kicker who went 9/13 on the year with a long of 43. He was 7/8 inside of 40 yards, but only 2/5 from outside.


Source: National Football Post

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