Some random thoughts on the Chiefs QB situation I would like your comments on;


  • Drafting a QB is high-risk and expensive. Historically, more first round QB’s bust than pan out. Isn’t the evil that you know better than the evil that you don’t know? Thigpen has shown some signs of quality play, we could get an insurance policy in the late rounds.
  • Could Matt Cassel be a solution? I can’t see New England needing him next year and with Pioli’s relationship with the Pats perhaps we could get him without giving away the farm.
  • If things don’t pan out in the QB position the 2009 season is not going to be a whole lot better season than 2008 was, next years QB class looks much better than this years.
  • With a solid O-line and a dependable defense ANY QB can look good, here are some names where I think the team makes the QB look better than they really are; Flacco, Rothlisberger, Pennington, Ryan, Romo, E. Manning, Garcia AND Griese.


Here’s my view; Thigpen starts next year unless they get Cassel in which case they compete. If a veteran is brought in he should be a back-up only, why rebuild around anything other than a young QB with some potential. Draft defense and offensive line. Get a QB in 2010 if Thigpen busts, by then we will know exactly who the new Kansas City Chiefs really are.

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