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Lions' New Coach all but Commits to QB with #1 Pick



Earlier today, Detroit Lions COO Tom Lewand released a statement announcing Jim Schwartz as the team's next head coach.  No more than a few hours later while speaking to the Detroit media, he dropped some not-so-subtle hints about the Lions' plans for the #1 overall pick in April's draft.

Specifically on the #1 overall pick in April, he said:

"I think the important thing is finding the right person. I don’t think you tie yourself into positions. Obviously, there’s a lot of needs. I think obviously the most important position on the team is quarterback. It’s probably time to find a replacement for Bobby Layne."

Not convinced that he's all but saying quarterback will be the pick?

"Quarterback is the trump card of all positions in the NFL. If you have a good quarterback, you can cover up a lot of other areas on your team. If you don’t have a great quarterback, you have to be really good in a lot of other areas. So I think if you ask anybody in the NFL the most important position, it’s going to be quarterback. … People always ask when there’s a young quarterback, ‘Do you play him right away, or do you let him sit on the bench?’ And the answer is: It depends."

With Sam Bradford heading back to Oklahoma, early draft reports would indicate Georgia QB Matt Stafford as the guy.

What does this mean for the Chiefs?

It means quarterback is likely not a realistic option with the 3rd overall pick.  If a change is going to be made, it'll likely get done through free agency, although the quality quarterback market dries up quickly (if it was ever there in the first place).

March 1st is the first full day of free agency.  There might actually be a few options too.  Although some might still re-sign with their team here a few quarterbacks heading into 2009 without a contract.

  • Kurt Warner (Reportedly talking with the Cards after the season)
  • Matt Cassel (Possibly being franchised)
  • Kerry Collins (Still no decision on extension from the Titans)
  • Jeff Garcia
  • Kyle Boller
  • J.P. Losman

Tyler Thigpen doesn't seem too bad right now.


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