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Learning More about Scott Pioli's Role with the Chiefs

We've got a morning link update for you coming up. Check back in a bit.

Above is the video for Scott Pioli's first press conference as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs' organization. Here is the full transcript.

I listened to the whole thing yesterday live and watched most if it this morning. I got the sense that I was watching a true professional in Scott Pioli. You felt like this was the beginning of something special in Kansas City. Even as a devoted cynic, I'm only getting more excited the more I hear the man talk.

After the jump, I've noted the most important parts of the nearly 40 minute meeting with the media. But if you really want to get a great sense of what the man is about, watch that video above when you get the chance.

Opening Statement

  • The Kraft family, the owners of the Patriots, didn't want to see him go but were happy it was to Kansas City.
  • He's not here to gather talent. He's here to build a team.
  • "Individuals make Pro Bowls, teams win championships."
  • Big, strong, fast, tough football players is what we want.
  • "It sounds very simple and hopefully in certain ways, it will be."
  • "This is going to be a very methodical process in building this football team, and we’re going to start from the ground up and build a foundation, move ahead, and touch every part of the football operation"

On retaining Herm Edwards

  • He has a lot of respect for Herm
  • No timetable for a decision on him
  • Most important thing is to get it right
  • "[Herm] was part of the discussion but our first interview went for some nine hours and I can’t say that it took up a very large percentage of the nine hours."
  • Herm's teams play hard.

On Tim Tebow impressions

  • "The only promise I’ll make today to the people of Kansas City and Chiefs fans is there will be no one working harder in this league to get it done."

On starting to build this team

  • "“I think the process begins by getting a better grasp on the talent that is here. We will be multi-tasking at the Senior Bowl and as we do our college evaluation. I want to get a better grasp on this football team and know these players that are here."
  • "It’s not necessarily the best 53 players it’s the right 53 players"

Personal reasons that drew him to Kansas City

  • Area is a great place to raise a family
  • Mother's side of the family is from Wichita, KS

On working with other staff

  • Not big on titles
  • Sounds like he wants to work with a lot of different people in an informal manner
  • Will tell Clark Hunt everything that goes on

The full transcript is here.

Gotta smile after watching that press conference. This is the beginning of something special.

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