99 problems but the cap ain't one!

It is official the keys to the franchise are in Pioli's hands.  The presser today screamed professionalism and confidence.  The professionalism in how he answered a series of questions, but the one everyone wanted to know.  What about Herm.  Most sources around the league say he is gone, but Pioli(The Godfather) is going to handle that the same way he handled his hiring and his previous job. 

The Godfather steps into a job where the amount of problems or challenges are far worse than any other he has had in the league.  He says that is why he took this job and I believe him.  The cap situation is the one thing that "you know who" left this team that is good.

There were 45 million reasons the Chiefs new general manager Scott Pioli was drawn to Kansas City. As in, the Chiefs are projected to be $45 million under the 2009 salary cap.Adam Shefter on Chiefs Cap

Adam Shefter on Chiefs Cap

So where or who is the first person you share some of this wealth with?

Obviously he will start dealing with the staff, HC, and the rest of the coaching staff before he starts with the cap.

My guess is he spends some on the defensive side of the ball based on the free agents that may be available.  There certainly is no need to spend a huge chunk because we probably aren't making a run in '09.  That is not what this exec. has learned to do and has ever done. 

I would love to see Terrell Suggs in KC next year.  Maybe the Godfather will make him an offer he can't refuse.

Heres to things looking up at Arrowhead One in the very near future.

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