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Might as Well Add Ravens' DC Rex Ryan to the Chiefs' Rumor Mill

Jack Harry of KSHB-TV, talking about the Kansas City Chiefs' head coaching candidates, adds Ravens' DC Rex Ryan into the mix. Even though Herm is still the head coach.

Here's the quick summary about the candidates Harry mentions for those without access to the video (Pretty much news we've heard before):

  • Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz currently has 3 years, $12 million on his contract. Herm is currently getting 4 years, $12 million
  • Mike Shanahan apparently reached out to the Chiefs. Salary may be a problem- Shanny's last contract was 3 years, $21 million. That's quite a bit more than Herm's.
  • Ravens DC Rex Ryan may be a head coaching candidate

Nothing ground breaking here but it's "news" I suppose. And it's fun to post videos.

H/T Eric Allen in the comments.

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