I'm getting the sense that Pioli doesn't really want to leave New England

Maybe its just me, but from the snippets I've been picking up, I am getting the feeling that Pioli is very happy in New England and is essentially talking to teams with the attitude that if he doesn't get every single thing he wants the way he wants it that he's not interested.

Word is that he wants absolute power over everything including the salary cap, coaching decisions (with no questions asked) and wants to completely revamp the scouting department of whatever team he goes to.  Essentially he wants to have absolute power with no questions from the ownership.  I'm not sure that is what is in the best interests of the Chiefs. 

We do have good people in this organization, not the least of which is Denny Thum.  Lessening his role or risking losing him to a team that will give HIM the respect he wants for the sake of bringing in a "big name" but unproven GM candidate does not sound like a good idea to me.

I think this might be a case where the Big Fish comes at too high of a price.  I want a GM whose first priority is to turn the Chiefs into a winner, not just to build a team in his image.

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