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Brodie Croyle's Injuries Revisited

At the end of last season, I wrote this.

For every Brodie Croyle injury that has occured, there has been a Brodie Croyle comeback story that followed. Rehabbing through two torn ACLs, a separated shoulder and a couple of cracked ribs to end up today relatively healthy is a testament to Croyle’s toughness and his will.

Croyle’s injuries aren’t necessarily a product of his size or skills, either. Just about any player can fall victim to a torn ACL - a bad cut on a run, a lineman rolling on a knee or a blindside hit – every player fears it. And don’t forget that Croyle’s offensive line at Alabama was just as terrible as KC’s current unit.

Moreover, every NFL player gets injured to a certain degree at some point in their career. It’s the nature of the game. What's important is how a player reacts to and recovers from that injury.

After yesterday's separated shoulder, I'm beginning to think that resiliency isn't worth a damn if a player can't piece together a full sixteen, heck even fourteen game season.

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