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Kansas City Chiefs Nearly Shock The World

The Kansas City Chiefs nearly shocked the world this afternoon when their attempt to take the New England Patriots to overtime was denied.  We have waited all season to have our questions about the team answered but may have even more following this game.

  • Are we in the midst of another quarterback controversy? 
  • Will we have trouble stopping the run all year?
  • Can someone not named Bowe or Gonzalez make an impact in the passing game?
  • What happened to our linebackers?
  • Will Larry Johnson ever look like an elite back again?

I am sure all of you have an opinion on each of these topics.  As we discuss this game, let's remember one thing that we all agreed upon in the off-season: We are rebuilding and will not make the playoffs this year.  View the remaining games with this in mind and we can objectively predict the progression of key positions (QB, OL, etc).

Check out Pats Pulpit for the latest on Brady's injury.  Check out this for stats of the game.

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