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In Case You Missed It: The Chiefs First 2008 Depth Chart

I know they're small but the offensive, defensive and special teams depth charts are listed here. Click to view larger image. Depth chart taken from

Depth_chart_offense_jpeg_medium Depth_chart_defense_jpeg_medium Depth_chart_special_teams_jpeg_medium

A few notes about the depth chart:

Dantrell Savage is listed #1 for kickoff returns and BJ Sams is listed #1 for punt returns. One of these guys, hopefully Sams, has to go within a couple of weeks here. Something is up with this. It's either an injury or some sort of roster number situation going on for the Kansas City Chiefs to keep two somewhat specialized kick returners on the team.

Because G/C Wade Smith can play either guard or center, expect him to likely be around the entire season.

I will be very curious to watch this chart throughout the season and see if Jamaal Charles jumps Kolby Smith for the #2 running back spot. It could happen!


Don't forget that today is the first day the Chiefs will have to file an injury report. I don't believe they have to designate questionable, out, etc. until Friday though.

We look towards the Patriots this weekend with the weekly Know Thy Enemy pre-game and this question:

What are the conceivable, even only slightly rational scenarios in which the Kansas City Chiefs win this game on Sunday?

PS: Thanks for the FanPosts and FanShots while I've been busy the last couple of days. They are a tremendous help.

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