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A Look At The Kansas City Chiefs All-Time Defensive Greats

This is a follow-up to the bit posted yesterday about the all-time greats on the offensive side of the ball.  Again, this is from Pro Football Reference which has developed a formula intended to accurately identify which player was the best in the life of the organization at each particular position.

Now, for the defense:

DT Buck Buchanan 101
DT Dan Saleauma 57
DE Neil Smith 80
DE Jerry Mays 80
ILB Willie Lanier 98
ILB Sherrill Headrick 52
OLB Derrick Thomas 105
OLB Bobby Bell 105
CB Emmitt Thomas 78
CB Albert Lewis 69
S Johnny Robinson 92
S Deron Cherry 78

From our current squad I would like to obviously see Dorsey become the type of player to justify the #5 overall pick.  What do you think?  Is this a good foundation for the best Chiefs defense of all time?

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