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The Case For Brady Quinn

I'm still working on today's game recap so DJ's post is going to sit up top until just a bit later this morning. -Chris

I'm sure by now we have all heard the report from Jay Glazer that the Chiefs have been in talks with the Cleveland Browns to acquire Brady Quinn, who was expected to be a top 5 pick in the 2007 draft and surprisingly dropped clear to #22 where the Browns traded in right in front of the Chiefs.

Though Glazer said the Browns had declined our offer, which apparently involved multiple draft picks, Warpaint Illustrated is reporting that the talks are not dead and should heat up following the latest addition to the longest losing streak in Chiefs history.

According to WPI:

Brodie Croyle will remain sidelined for what amounts to roughly eight weeks before he’s ready to practice and take any hits on his right shoulder.

Chiefs nation simply will not survive another six weeks of Tyler Thigpen.

I have been a staunch Croyle supporter since he was drafted in the 3rd round of 2006, but the injury issue simply cannot be passed over anymore.  Three injuries causing missing game time in seven starts is too much and no matter how good he has the potential to be, if he's not available, he does the team no good and part of rebuilding is thinking of the team long term first over individual players.


Reportedly the Browns are asking for our 1st round pick in 2009 for Quinn, which quite likely will be a top 5 pick and very possibly could be #1 overall.  Here are the reasons I think we need to fork it over immediately:

1) Chiefs fans need hope.  I don't expect Quinn to be very successful behind our horrendous offensive line, but Chiefs fans would feel a whole lot better having a legitimate franchise prospect back there than Tyler Thigpen who I think its safe to say is not going to win us any games.  Financially the Chiefs can't afford for things to go so far downhill that fans simply stop coming to games all together, which WILL happen if the losing streak continues on.

2) The 2009 QB class is shaping up to be a poor one, just as 2008 was.  Even if we get the #1 overall pick and the best QB of the class, he could still be inferior to what we could get in Quinn.  The chances are still there that Quinn could be a bust, but no more so than Stafford or Teebow or Painter or any of the other college players coming out.

3) Though he hasn't gotten much game experience, he has spent time in practice and meetings with an NFL team for over a year which will put him ahead of the curve and ready to play a lot sooner than a rookie out of college that just went through pre-draft workouts and contract disputes.

4) Brady Quinns $30 million contract that is already done will be a lot cheaper than the $70 million contract a 1st in his class QB will get without going through the nasty and extended contract negotiations.


Of course the monkey wrench in all this is that Derek Anderson is a horrible QB and its becoming more and more obvious with each passing week.  The chances are that the Browns will be starting Quinn for themselves sooner rather than later instead of trading him away.

One thing you can't count out though is the Carl Peterson factor.  As much heat as Herm is taking, Clark believes in him and will likely be willing to sacrifice Peterson to the masses to buy Herm's rebuild another year.  Peterson knows this for a fact and I don't think he's going to go down without a fight.  Don't be surprised to see Peterson pull of a coup of a trade in an attempt to save himself.

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