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The Waiver Diaspora

No! The Herm bobble heads are on the mezzanine level! Come on Curl! Why do I even have you around?

The dust has settled after 48 hours of waiver wire action in the NFL after teams cut down their rosters to 53 players on Saturday evening. For those of you who were clamoring for XYZ player to make the Kansas City Chiefs roster, here's a chance for a little free market capitalism to quietly make the argument against your favorite fringe player. Only one, one player has been signed to the practice squad of another team. That's out of twenty-two players cut over the weekend.

You have to feel a bit of sympathy for guys like Bobby Sippio and Will Svitek, both of whom are ineligible for any practice squad and are likely looking at the end of any sort of regular play in the NFL. Of the other players the Chiefs cut, a couple may jump on a team in the next few weeks but most will come back next spring and summer and try out all over again and not necessarily for the Chiefs.

FB Chris Manderino - Not much movement and the only sort of an update I can find is this Rotoworld blurb about the Chiefs' final cuts being eligible for the AF2.

OC Rob Smith - No update
OG Tre Stallings - No update
OG Travis Leffew - No update
OG Edwin Harrison - Practice squad
OT Anthony Alabi - No update
OT Will Svitek - No update

TE Michael Allan - No update

WR Kevin McMahan - Practice squad
WR Sergiori Joachim - No update
WR Jabari Arthur - No update
WR Bobby Sippio - No update

DE Jason Parker - Practice squad
DE Johnny Dingle - No update
DT Derek Lokey - Practice squad

LB EJ Kuale - No Upate
LB Steve Octavien - No update
LB LeRue Rumph - No update
LB Weston Dacus - No update; possible practice squad candidate

CB Rashad Barksdale - NY Giants Practice squad
CB Tyron Brackenridge - No update

S Khayyam Burns - No update

PK Connor Barth - No update

In other former Chief news, Mr. Versatile TE/HB/FB/Cross-country traveler Kris Wilson signed with San Diego over the weekend and the Browns are considering Ty Law as an option as corner. Brief Chief Jay Feely worked out for the Bucs a few days ago but nothing has come of that quite yet.

Rounding out a few more updates on names you might remember - OG John Welbourn was released by New England; the Steelers cut "KR" Eddie Drummond; massive '04 draft bust Junior Siavii was let go by the Cowboys; and DE Jimmy Wilkerson, signed by the Bucs in the off-season, is doing quite well.

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