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Friday Morning Update: Need to Know Edition

It's all need to know info, right?

  • One of the unverified rumors circling KC this week has been that Damon Huard asked to be taken out of the Raiders game, or that he had gotten on Herm's bad side and coach got fed up with him. Not sure if either of those is true but I wanted to throw them out there.

  • Brodie Croyle and Pat Surtain are the only Kansas City Chiefs not practicing according to the injury report. Looks like Nap Harris and Will Franklin are a go this weekend but I'm unsure of how much they'll play, if at all.

  • Harm Edwards? It could stick.

  • Within two weeks, Tony Gonzalez should surpass Shannon Sharpe on the all-time receiving yards for a tight end list. He needs 85 yards to do it.That would give TG the most touchdowns by a tight end; the most receptions by a tight end; and the most receiving yards by a tight end. Greatest. Ever.

  • Eh, why not? Early Look: NFL Draft Top 100 Prospects from

  • I suppose it's about time to start using this phrase - "The Nextel portion of Sprint Nextel has been losing subscribers even faster than the Kansas City Chiefs have been losing starting quarterbacks lately."

  • Jeffrey Flanagan says: "Be patient. It will get better."

  • One more item of note from the Comment of the Day on Flanagan's blog - "My family has had season tickets for 35+ years. I would like a partial credit towards next year, please."

    No. No you should not get a freakin' partial refund. Do you know how exchanging money for a product works? You paid to see a football season. Not a winning football season. A season. You did not pay for a specific football strategy. No team can guarantee wins. It was your decision to buy the season tickets. The Chiefs did not make you do that. Maybe if you paid an ounce of attention to the team you would know that the expectations for this year were zero. At least for the educated fans they were.

    You wouldn't demand a refund on your wedding because you and your wife got in a fight, would you?

    The reader comment ends like this: "How great would it be if all the fans boycotted and stayed in the parking lot for a whole game?" Seriously dude? You just lost your Chiefs' fan privileges. Give your tickets to someone who actually wants to watch football and stay the hell away from me.

  • Speaking of wives and the Chiefs...

  • More Quinn talk: Brady Quinn Will Not Be A Member of the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • No TV blackout in Atlanta. Get used to hearing about Chiefs blackouts this year. It's the lazy story to file on Wednesday for reporters because the sell-by date for the NFL is Thursdays at 1 PM for Sunday games.

  • I forgot where I read it but someone compared Damon Huard to a few of the guys in the cart in this clip.

  • styg50 from MHR picked the Chiefs to win this weekend!

  • Finally, and I'm stretching a bit here, does it bother you that Tyler Thigpen's alma mater's football program is only five years old? It has no bearing on his play in the NFL today but I'm just saying. That's a young program.

Wooh..that's a lot of links. Come back throughout the day if you don't get to read them all this morning. Enjoy those and we'll have this week's Know Thy Enemy coming up shortly. Also, please take part in our demographic poll below. Thanks!

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