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Kiffin Could Be Fired If Raiders Lose Badly To Chiefs

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From Tim Kawakami from Mercury News, and repeated by Mortenson on the NFL Network (from what I understand):

It happened to Mike Shanahan in 1989 after four games. It could happen to Lane Kiffin in 2008 after two games.

Gone. See ya.

I hear it could happen to Kiffin on Monday or Tuesday, if the Raiders do not put up a half-decent effort in Kansas City on Sunday. Wouldn’t surprise me if people around the Raiders are all but planning the firing press conference–whether it comes next week, the week after or in two weeks.

I don't know how much actual truth there is to whether this will be the game that Kiffin gets let go or not, the article sounds like the Raiders version of Adam Teicher making up a story rather than having actual facts, but theres no doubt Kiffins days are numbered.