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Excitement Abounds: More Jamaal Charles for the Chiefs


Just a quick mention this morning from yesterday's press conference about Jamaal Charles, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite Kansas City Chiefs.

"Yeah. He needs to touch the ball more. It all boils down to this on offense. We have some players on offense that have some skill. The more you stay on the field, the more you can just play. That gives you the ability to let those guys touch the ball. You only get between 10-11 possessions in a football game, and it’s very hard to get those guys touches when you go three-and-out. I think we had four three-and-outs last week and that’s a little bit too many. You’d like to keep it within two, three at the most. Then if you get 11 possessions you’ve got to play to get six, seven, eight, ten-play drives and all those guys come and play for you. If you go three-and-out it’s very difficult to get those guys the ball."

Sure, "He needs to touch the ball more" is a Hermism in its most basic form. But last week, one of the very few players I got excited about watching was Jamaal Charles. In a much more effective way than Kolby Smith, Charles is that lightning to Larry Johnson's thunder. Also, as the Chiefs offensive line goes through the inevitable growing pains, a quick back like Charles can do more damage with cuts and speed than LJ could do with his North-South style of running.

Open thread here tomorrow, don't forget. I was in a team building workshop deal on Thursday and Friday, which is why I wasn't able to update the site like we normally do. I'm back from that and ready to hunker down and ride out this hurricane tropical storm thunder storm brief rain shower they predicted we would get in Austin this weekend.

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