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Chiefs Still Searching for Quarterbacks

Richard Bartel speaking with the Cowboys offensive coordinator (Photo by Tom Reel)
Buried way down at the bottom of this article is this:
Former Cowboys quarterback Richard Bartel (Grapevine High, SMU, Tarleton State) will work out with the Kansas City Chiefs today.

Obviously, the Chiefs are unsatisfied with their current stable of quarterbacks behind Brodie Croyle. After Croyle's injury last weekend, this will be at least the second quarterback the Chiefs have looked seriously at, with former Titan's QB Ingle Martin being signed on Tuesday. We know the Chiefs were looking hard at Chris Simms before the Titans snatched him up and I never heard much about Tim Rattay's visit to KC so I'm going to assume it was unventful.

Richard Bartel cleared waivers at the end of the preseason and made it back to the Cowboy's practices squad after a bit of interest from Miami.

It also sounds like Bartel had attained the rank of local hero ala Boomer Grigsby, after skirting other options to stay with his favorite team growing up, the Dallas Cowboys. From the Dallas Morning News (The comments are good too):

Say what you want about this being the preseason and how the games don't count. Against the Vikings, Bartel was the starting quarterback for America's Team. He completed 28 of 41 passes for 233 yards. He got sacked three times and escaped some others. All in all, I'd bet a ton of people would love to walk out of Texas Stadium with those numbers and a ton of memories.

"I had the greatest time," said Bartel, who kept a game ball for himself. "I hadn't had that much fun in football in my life. I mean, c'mon, you're playing a whole game for the Dallas Cowboys. You get to run out of the tunnel. The experience was awesome for me.

Bartel doesn't seem to have any particular skills the Chiefs would need, other than a warm body at the 3rd or 4th QB spot on the depth chart. After Boomer Grigsby and Bobby Sippio, my excitement for endearing stories of guys who are third stringers at best has completely waned.

Read much more about Bartel here and here.

H/T to chiefsfan_roger in the FanPosts.

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