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Chief Cut and Promote to Make Room for QB Ingle Martin

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come (Photo source)

What did we do before I'll tell you what I did - obsessively watch the online Kansas City Chiefs roster in order to figure out who was gone, promoted or added when there was a roster shake up like yesterdays.

The also elevated to the 53-man roster from their own practice squad WR Marques Hagans, a former college quarterback at the University of Virginia.

To make room for Martin and Hagans, the Chiefs released RB Jackie Battle and WR Maurice Price with plans of adding them to the practice squad in time for Wednesday’s workout.

I'd imagine Jackie Battle and Maurice Price pass through waivers and end up on the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad. I think we get a bit of tunnel vision (all fans do) about these more unknown guys and think they're worth more than they really are.

I will tell you this and I know I sound like a broken record. B.J. Sams or Dantrell Savage needed to be cut yesterday in favor or Battle or Price. You can't carry two kick returners and if I had my choice, Sams would be #1 on my cut list and probably everyone else's as well. Keep this in mind though - just promoted WR Marques Hagans has experience returning kicks so he could prove to be the backup that the Chiefs are using Sams for right now.

As for Ingle Martin's tenure, I'd imagine it lasts until Brodie Croyle gets back and then he's let go. Then we'll go through a similar process of drops, promotions and pick ups on the Chiefs roster. Margues Hagans did play some quarterback in college, which I bet makes him the Chiefs emergency QB.

Here is the top of my cut list right now: KR B.J. Sams and QB Tyler Thigpen. Both are poor enough that I think almost any replacement will improve the Chiefs. Keep in mind you can't quickly make up for knowing an offense scheme intimately, which Thigpen does more so than any recent addition to the roster. I bet that's one reason he's still around.

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