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Morning Update (Morning After Edition)

Last night was actually an exciting preseason game.  Our starters got some work, particularly Brodie and portions of the offensive line, while our young guys really kept it together.

I was pleasantly surprised by several of the younger wide receivers and a certain tight end.  After only seeing clips of these guys doing drills and playing non-contact against each other, we're beginning to gauge their ceiling.

And the Bears received another kick in the face yesterday when it had been rumored that Chris Williams, their first round pick, is injured - but not like Dorsey/Albert, Williams may be out for the year according to the Sun-Times.

We played well.  Sippio finally caught a pass/scored.  Brodie played, eh...I'm sure there will be plenty of discussion on him.  Huard didn't look half bad at times.

After seeing Thigpen in action I can confidently say I like him and would prefer him over Pennington - he's inaccurate but I can see progress.

Stick around for some more post-game stuff coming up.

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