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Chiefs Begin the Roster Cuts

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**UPDATE SAT. 5 PM** Final cuts have been made. Head here.

You spend all that time on a Saturday morning writing a big long post about roster cuts and you totally miss the actual announcement of some of the cuts.

Courtesy of WPI, here are seventeen of the cuts.

1. OC Rob Smith
2. OG Travis Leffew
3. OG Edwin Harrison
4. OT Anthony Alabi
5. TE Michael Allan
6. TE Michael Merritt (PUP)
7. WR Kevin McMahan
8. WR Sergio Joachim
9. WR Jabari Arthur
10. DE Jason Parker
11. DE Johnny Dingle
12. DT Derek Lokey
13. LB EJ Kuale
14. LB Steve Octavien
15. CB Rashad Barksdale
16. S Khayyam Burns
17. PK Connor Barth

More than likely, you probably nailed most of these cuts. I'm not surprised by a single one actually. We'll update this post more when the rest of the cuts come in.

The Kansas City Chiefs still need to cut five more players. Who do you think will be in that five?

UPDATE SAT. 12:20 PM: Bobby Sippio and Will Svitek have also apparently been cut. We're still waiting to confirm this. If those cuts are true, that leaves three cuts left to make by the Chiefs.

H/T to KCFanatic in the FanPosts.