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Know Thy Enemy: St. Louis Rams


I have to give my thanks for VanRam for stopping by and answering a few of our questions. Make sure you check out Turf Show Times today for your Rams coverage. And don't forget about the open thread starting at 5 PM tonight. We'll get another post or two in before that as well.

My answer's to VanRam's questions are here.

Why start Trent Green? Doesn't Bulger need more reps?

I wondered the same thing myself. I think he was working well enough to satisfy the coaches last week, and with Bugler's injury history they want to make sure Green is up to speed should he have to step in.

How has Chris Long looked since the first preseason game? Is he going to live up to the #2 pick?

His name certainly hasn't appeared in the box scores as much as we'd like. He will make things happen before the season ends though. The most impressive thing I've noticed is how well he bounces back from a tough game or scrimmage. Rarely makes the same the mistake twice. Remember how many people thought the Mario Williams first overall pick was a bust two seasons ago? Look at him now. Long's a different kind of DE, but he'll be the face of this franchise for years to come.

How's Mr. Irrelevant, the last pick of the 2008 Draft, LB Dave Vobora? Might he actually become something, or will he fade into obscurity?

Vobora has been limited lately with an ankle injury, but he has shown promise in camp. He will make the team and be a special teams regular this season. The surprise pick in the seventh round is LB Chris Chamberlain. He plays great in coverage; I think he could play safety even. He has a spot as a backup and a regular on ST.

With Torry Holt growing long in the tooth and Drew Bennett struggling to adjust last year in St. Louis, who do you see as a prime candidate to step up in this year's offense at wide receiver?

Bennett's still struggling to adjust through the preseason, but the Rams aren't ready to give up on him yet. After all, they did kind of pay a premium to sign him. I really think you'll see Keenan Burton emerge this year. He profiles very similar to Hines Ward, and has made some nice plays with the first and second teams. He backs up Bennett, so if Bennett's struggles continue Burton's the guy. A lot of people scratched their heads when the Rams drafted Donnie Avery with the first pick in the draft, but he's fast and proved his mettle working out of the slot last weekend, his first game of the preseason. Both guys will make some rookie mistakes this year, but they have bright futures in St. Louis.

Is John Greco expected to be the heir to Orlando Pace, or are they putting off replacing him for another season? I loved OG Roy Schuening as a steal in the 5th. Is he a projected starter?

Greco plays really well in close quarters, so the Rams have used him at guard mostly in the preseason. Some say he could be an adequate starter at G in the NFL as a rookie. I think as he gets more time in the league he'll start working more at tackle. At this point he does not look like Pace's understudy. This draft was all about getting quality depth on the o-line, and that's why the Rams took Schuening. Schuening didn't have a great camp, but the Rams have had some surprise standouts at guard, like Greco. His time will come though.

Does Al Saunders still get out there and run with the wideouts?

I know this is beyond the five questions, but I couldn't resist. Yeah, the guy's a madman. He runs all over the place in practice, but this is a team that's needed some enthusiasm for a few seasons now, after the bitter divorce with Mike Martz in 2005 and two mediocre seasons after that. It's nice to see.

Thank you very much! Head over to Turf Show Times for more info.

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