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Time for the Annual St. Louis Bashing


I knew Axl would come through for us.

The NFL's Missouri Governor's Cup is a chance to appreciate local sports and poke some fun at our East side neighbors.

And poke we will.

I think the fact that I went to school in St. Louis has only increased my distaste for the Gateway to the West. And the fact that there it isn't exactly a hot bed of interesting culture doesn't help either.

Now, Kansas City is far from a New York but we can at least claim to have a signature food - BBQ. St. Louis has a cracker they call pizza and they try to claim some Italian food superiority, when we all know it's just pasta. Give me a break. You have one neighborhood of Italians and that's it STL.

Gateway to the West is an appropriate nickname because that's exactly what STL is used for - a pass through and no more. Heck, you can't even get football fans excited enough from week to week to prevent a blackout, which is the ultimate sign of a team's despair. Not only do the fans not go to the Rams games, we all already know they don't even cheer when they are there. The city already had one football team leave so they could really care less about this one.

Here is one of my favorite trash talking Rams posts - Rams Cover Up Real Injury Woes; Chlamydia Actually to Blame. I mean, how could you read that news article and not rush over here to make St. Louis jokes?

VanRam will be stopping by later today to give us the 'ole question exchange so look for more to come later. I'll include a quasi-preview of the game in the open thread post. The thread will be posted at 5 PM so be here or be square. I end with more random STL trash talking.

BBQ > Cracker pizza

Kansas City, KS > East St. Louis

Boulevard Beer > Budweiser Beer

Ward Parkway Mall circa 1995 > Any STL Mall (That's a sentimental one)

Numbering city streets > Not numbering city streets

Finally, get over the 1904 World's Fair, St. Louis. Seriously. It was 104 years ago and not even that cool.

It's Game Time.

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