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The Injury Bug Bites Again

OLB Demorrio Williams, finally starting to make a name for himself on this defense, went down with a hand injury. It's been described in some venues as a "broken hand," and in other venues an "injured finger." Teicher, who is about as reliable as it gets, said it's a "cracked bone in his hand."

All reports say that this is it for Williams for the rest of the preseason, but that he will be back in action for the Patriots game, though Teicher says he will have to wear a cast. Stepping into his place, and this is where it gets creepy, is rookie LB Weston Dacus, who up 'til now has primarily been playing MLB. So the Chiefs literally have no OLB they'd rather play in the starting lineup at this point other than Dacus.

This brings us to our worst position on the team this year: our flimsy linebacker corps. I'll break that down in a future post (if DJ or Chris don't beat me to it).

But more importantly, how awful have we been with injuries this offseason? It's been insane. Both first rounders have gone down, Donnie Edwards and Napoleon Harris have missed time. Kevin Robinson and Mike Merritt haven't even played yet. Jamaal Charles has missed time. Kolby Smith has missed time. Brian Johnston. Tamba Hali. Damion McIntosh. LaRue Rumph. Jon McGraw. Tyron Brackenridge. TJ Jackson. Alphonso Boone.



It's Game Time.

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