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Minor Injuries, Second Stringers Underwhelm Mankato Crowd

Had a video from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune up about last night's practice but I couldn't figure out to make it not automatically play when you came to the site. So, I took it off. Auto playing music and video is my biggest internet pet peeve. If I find something later, I'll put it here.

Good Friday morning, everyone. Here are your links to the coverage of last night's practice between the Minnesota Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs.

WPI is here, here and here.

The Star-Tribune has a bit of coverage as well.


Kansas City Star

Last night's "contest" between the Chiefs and Vikings wasn't so much of a scrimmage as a practice. Still, the presence of competition was enough for a few players to come out of it with minor injuries. Jared Allen didn't make the trip, as Vikings' coach Brad Childress excused a number of veteran players.

Branden Albert had his ankle stepped on and had to leave practice early. Bob Gretz wonders if Albert's ankle issues are chronic, considering Albert sprained his ankle earlier in the off-season. Since his ankle was stepped on and not the result of a shift or move by Albert himself, I don't think you can look too hard into that. It could have happened to anyone.

Kolby Smith pulled his groin and Donnie Edwards tweaked a hamstring. Beyond that, consider ourselves lucky nothing serious happened. We'll be lucky to get through camp without at least one serious injury to a Chiefs player. Last year it was Damion McIntosh's knee but that turned out to heal rather quickly.

In all of the camp reports I've read this year, Dwayne Bowe has had zero regression from last year and by all accounts will have a stellar sophomore season. He doesn't seem to need as much time to get back into football mode as some other players.

Speaking of D Bowe, I absolutely love highlighting stories about him like this one, from the UW-RF site:

Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe had some fun on the sideline during an 11-on-11 drill. Bowe sat down on a training table before asking a group of media members if they were having fun. He gave the media the peace sign while sticking out his tongue. One member asked Bowe if that meant he was having a good time. He said yes. A fan dressed in a Vikings jersey joked with Bowe about putting his picture up on MySpace. Bowe responded to the man by saying, "You better add me as a friend."

Vikings CB Benny Sapp picked off Damon Huard, undoubtedly aided by playing for the Chiefs last season. Sapp was a decent corner but too small really to be a full time starter. We wish him the best of luck in Minnesota.

Check out the links above and let us know if you find anything else interesting. It's Friday, so expect a more laid back approach today. The Chiefs only have an afternoon practice from about 3:45 to 5 PM today.

P.S. Had someone sign up with the user name JJBirden last night and yep, it's actually him.

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