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Where does Damon Huard Fit in?

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We're going to have a ton of visitors to the site today because of this Tony Gonzalez story so I just wanted to throw a short bit out there about Damon Huard so we don't bump the TG story too far down the middle column.

Now, Damon Huard appears to be a player that doesn't fit the mold of what Herm Edwards is trying to do. He's a veteran backup quarterback (and a nicely paid one at that) who will conceivably be out of the NFL in a couple of years. There are three young, green QBs surrounding him, all with more talent than the old man.

Is Huard still on the team because of his veteran presence on the QB depth chart?

Is he still around because of personal promises made by the Kansas City Chiefs that his job would be safe for X period of time?

Are the Chiefs waiting to deal Damon Huard later in the summer, when the inevitable injury occurs to one of another team's quarterbacks?

I think these are all solid questions to ponder when thinking about Huard. He just doesn't make sense on this team.

Personally, I think Herm Edwards believes that quarterback is probably the one position on a football team where a mentor is extremely helpful. Other specific players at other positions could use a mentor I'm sure but QB seems to have that combination of physical ability, mental ability and that unknown "it" factor to justify pouring as much information into a player as possible. The more defenses a QB has seen or is aware of, the more effective their going to be in their career. A veteran QB helps deliver this info.

Thoughts on Damon Huard? Why does a player who in no way fits into Herm Edwards self described youth movement remain on the team?

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