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Training Camp Day 5 PM Update


The Kansas City Chiefs are finally settling into a rhythm on the fifth day of training camp. Nine practices are behind the team with only nine days left until the first preseason game against the Chicago Bears.

Also, don't forget that the Chiefs scrimmage the Vikings tomorrow at 6:30. And you know who is coming to town with the Vikings - Benny Sapp.

Here are your links to the coverage of yesterday's PM practice.


Warpaint Illustrated

Red Zone

LB Pat Thomas played with the first team linebackers yesterday, which KCPriest is talking about here. I wouldn't expect Thomas to become the starter. Now, if Thomas plays with the first team for the rest of camp, then you can start talking about him starting. But one practice with the first team doesn't mean much.

Damion McIntosh was back at practice after tweaking his knee a bit. I hope it's not the same knee that he injured last year. Even if it is, he's still fine to play.

According to the reports I've read, it appears that Devard Darling is doing a heckuva job. It's very possible he lines up as the #2 wide receiver. I'm excited to see him play because there is zero video out there on him.

Jarrad Page nearly had an interception. Like him or not, Page's value as a 7th round pick is simply incredible. When I went back and analyzed our last ten drafts or so, The only other player I can think of that was a 7th round draftee turned starter is Eric Warfield.

Sounds like every chance Jamaal Charles gets to use his speed to get through a hole, he does. I keep repeating myself but I really cannot wait to see him play. Also, Charles is the one guy I can talk about here in Austin, TX, with the other football fans. Cowboys fans are so damn annoying down here. One Cowboy fan actually asked me, "You don't even like Cowboys a little bit?" I said, "That's not how being a Chiefs fan works." [Ed. note: The guy was freakin' stupid.]

The consensus between all of the outlets covering camp was that the offense had one of its best days yesterday. Are you ready for this Chicago???

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