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Training Camp Day 5 AM Special Teams Practice

Update: Bob Gretz's post on the morning practice is here.

This really isn't much of an update from the UW-RF site but it's all we've got this morning. Remember a lot of these UDFAs the Kansas City Chiefs signed will be trying to make their name on special teams.

Kickers Nick Novak and Connor Barth were out on Ramer Field early to warm up for the special teams practice. The stadium was quiet and fans waited patiently in the stands for the other players to make their ways to the field. Blocking pads, footballs and Aqualift portable drinking systems were all lined up on the sideline. At 9:49 Novak started kicking field goals from the 27-yard line and Barth stretched out his legs. On the other practice fields the grounds crew touched up the yard lines with white paint.

Players began to trickle onto the field in bigger groups at 10:25. At 10:27, two blows from an air horn signaled that it was time for the team to begin running through line drills and stretching. The line drills were run under the instruction of Strength and Conditioning Coach Cedric Smith on the north end of Ramer Field. The players went down and back 20 yards from the end zone. On the opposite end of the field kickers Nick Novak and Connor Barth, punter Dustin Colquitt and long snapper Jean-Philippe Darche stretched and warmed up on their own.

Linebackers Steve Octavien and Aden Durde jogged onto the field at 10:31. They were followed by a group of seven other players just seconds later. One blow for an air horn at 10:37 started practice.

Let's say the competition between Barth and Novak is pretty much dead even. Do the Chiefs keep Barth for his youth or Novak for his experience? I think I like an experienced guy kicking during crunch time.

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