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Training Camp Day 4 PM Update

Alright, I think I've got a plan for how we're going to do training camp here. Each morning, I'll post the links to the updates from the previous day's PM practice. I'll also take one topic and just write on it for a bit so I'm just not regurgitating other people's reports. As far as the morning practice coverage will go, I plan on updating the site with the appropriate links about mid-day, which is the time the various outlets are posting their updates. I'll also bounce around random camp topics there too. So, PM practice the next morning and the morning practice mid day. Hope this works for you.


Morning Kansas City Chiefs fans. Here are you daily links to the coverage of yesterday's PM practice, plus links to what the Red Zone is talking about. Today is a special teams only practice in the morning that will last less than an hour with a full team practice in pads in the afternoon.

Warpaint Illustrated


Bob Gretz

Red Zone - Camp's Best Battle and Gonzalez Talks Retirement

It sounds like offensive linemen Will Svitek's time as a Chief may draw to a close come the regular season. Pat Clifton of WPI reports that Svitek is working with the third team (third!) and is not able to handle the "skills" of UDFA DE Jason Parker.

And when Clifton says Svitek's decline is really too bad, he's exactly right. Svitek garnered the ire of this blog during the 2007 training camp and during parts of the regular season. But after his move to the right side of the offensive line at the end of last season, you could see his improvement by the play. Back in April, I thought the cards were stacked in Svitek's favor enough to consider him a potential starter at right guard.

As always, we wish him the best of luck but the reports aren't promising so far. If Svitek does indeed get cut this year, it will be another chip away at the foundation of the "old" Chiefs. Svitek is one of three 2005 draft picks still on the team, making him one of the more tenured Chiefs currently on the roster.

Just think. The Chiefs are probably going to get even younger after this training camp.

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