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Kansas City Chiefs Sign Glenn Dorsey

Everyone criticizing Carl Peterson for the perceived media fall-out between the two sides might be eating their words today.

The Kansas City Chiefs agreed to terms with Glenn Dorsey.  Per Chiefs policy, no terms of the deal were disclosed.

Bob Gretz, among others, believes the contract to be in the neighborhood of $50 million with approximately $22 million in guaranteed money.  I haven't heard any confirmation on the length of the contract, I would imagine 5 years, if it's that type of money considering last year's #5 overall, Levi Brown, averaged just over $10 million per year (6 year, $62 million).

It's possible that one of the haggling points between the Chiefs and Dorsey was the length of the contract.  The first 15 picks are available to sign 6-year deals and for the Chiefs, that's the best value.  But for Dorsey, the idea is to get to that second contract as quickly as possible.

Let me be the first to say two things....

First, thank you Carl.  You did an outstanding job getting everyone into camp.

Second, Happy Birthday Arrowhead Pride!


H/T Bas in the FanPosts

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