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Official Arrowhead Pride Fantasy Football League


If you're an avid sports blog reader, you've probably noticed banners all around the blogosphere promoting the FanHouse Leagues. It's a new fantasy league backed by AOL and the FanHouse. And we're lucky enough to have a league especially for Arrowhead Pride readers.

Click here to get started. Find the Arrowhead Pride logo, which should be right at the top. Click it, then click Register on the left, then add your name and email to finishing the process.

Once registered, you need only to wait until on or around 7/31/08 to see if you were chosen to be in the official League of 12. Think of it as a random drawing, with you "winning" an entry into the League.

Don't worry about not getting a spot in the first AP league. I can make more if need be.

For the record, as many of you know, I can be that lazy fantasy football player that doesn't update his roster. That will change this year (crosses fingers). In fact, I still have some stray money in a PayPal account from last year because I couldn't get everyone to respond to a money collection email. To the winner of last year's league, I will get that money to you this week. I just need to go back and find out who to send it to.

So, please register for a spot. It should be a lot of fun. Maybe we can get some prize going for the winners of the leagues. Don't hold me to that though.

I can answer your questions in the comment section. Also, if you do register, please let us know in the comment section. First time commenters, this is a good time to introduce yourself.

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