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Is 2008 the Chiefs Last Trip to River Falls?

Adam Teicher asks that question over at the Kansas City Star's brand new Chiefs Blog.

I've thought it in past years that this season's camp would be their last in Wisconsin. Obviously, I've been wrong. This time, though, I have more good reasons to feel this way.

The main proponent for the summer move north has been Carl Peterson. With two seasons left on what will probably his last contract, he's a short-timer now and may not have as much juice with Clark Hunt as he once did.

The new practice facility, when it's completed by the end of the year, will easily be able to handle 80-plus players. The Chiefs have never been able to claim that before.

I absolutely love that the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the few NFL teams who still travel to get to training camp. I enjoy the old school aspect and I'm sure the town of River Falls, WI, loves having the Chiefs come too. It's fun and a boost to their local economy.

Today, we'll be keeping an eye out for the inevitable cuts and I have a fantasy football announcement later as well.

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