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Waiting for Camp


They almost got all of those names right. Almost.

There are two more cuts to be made in order to get the team down to the league-mandated 80 player roster. We've been keeping a pretty good eye on the roster around here so I'm sure we'll have news of two more cuts soon enough here.

The news of the cuts won't come, at the earliest, until later this morning so here's what I'm reading to help tide you over.

Cornerback Flowers close to signing

Flowers is one of three remaining Chiefs draft picks yet to sign a contract. Like we've been saying, don't expect Dorsey and Albert to be on camp on time. Let's just hope it doesn't take too long.

Southern Quarterbacks

I've always felt that geographical studies combined with sports was pretty interesting. Bob Gretz at puts out an article worth a read this morning. He sums it up with this sentence - "The Gulf Coast has become the breeding ground for NFL quarterbacks."

Owner Rankings

Not surprisingly, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis comes in at #31 on a list of the worst NFL owners. Michael Silver puts it well - "Davis, 79, hasn’t just lost his fastball; the man has lost his changeup, and his metaphorical catcher keeps assuring him he’s better than Bob Gibson in his prime."

As Chiefs fans, we complain about Carl Peterson a lot but we really don't give enough credit to our behind the scenes ownership. Think Oakland, Jacksonville and imagine how sad it would be to be a fan there.

Rookie Holdouts

Jeffri Chadiha doesn't seem too confident that Glenn Dorsey will be in River Falls in a timely fashion. Chadiha, on which rookie is likely to stage a lengthy holdout.

Kansas City defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey. This one is a no-brainer for two reasons. One is that Dorsey was arguably the best prospect in this year's draft -- a player capable of going No. 1 overall -- until he slipped to the Chiefs at pick No. 5. The other factor is Chiefs president/general manager Carl Peterson. He is known for being a hard-line negotiator and I doubt that will change in the next few weeks.

H/T Arrowhead Addict

Bowe or Johnson?

I'm stealing one more thought from Arrowhead Addict this morning to throw out one question - Who will have more yards this season - Larry Johnson or Dwayne Bowe?

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