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Your Short Training Camp Primer



With just over 48 hours until the Kansas City Chiefs hit that dewy practice field at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, the moment of trepidation nears.

Where am I going to get my training camp news this year?

Alas, bleary-eyed office dweller, I have the answers for you. And the answer isn't only "this site" because I'm not going to training camp. The only person sort of "from this site" that will be attending to my knowledge is Lanier63. He will do his best to get us some first hand info about the going ons in River Falls.

For our information, we rely on a number of sources. First and foremost is Warpaint Illustrated. They'll have at least a couple of guys there filing, if I remember correctly, daily reports. Mr. Wendler and the crew do a fine job of delivering pretty much the only first hand accounts you'll get from actual Chiefs fans, aside from the occasional KC Star update.

Another good spot for first hand accounts of the camp practices is the UW-RF Chiefs site, which is already delivering updates on the happenings at camp. Occasionally they'll mix up a roster number or get an account wrong because they're not as intimately familiar with the Red and Gold as we are. They are great with the pictures though.

Check out their 2007 camp pictures here and the '06 ones here.

As far as the coverage here will go, expect a lot of consolidation of info from those two sources above. Check out the coverage last year and you'll get a good idea of what to expect.

Three days until camp starts (breathe), three days (breathe)...

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