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Friday News, Notes and Musings

Former Chief Johnnie Morton goes on a blind date. And for some reason, John Salley shows up halfway through. I still haven't watched the whole thing. It's from a show called Date the Pros. H/T to KC Chiefs Football.

The word on the street and in the FanPost section is that the Kansas City Chiefs have finally released safety Greg Wesley. Back in May, it was made clear Wesley would be released and just before training camp, it's become "official". I put quotes around official because Wesley is still listed on the roster and no official word has come down.

A quick note about the Brett Favre business. There is no way he is coming to KC and lazy sportswriters are just saying that to make a few waves. Anyone who has paid a smidgen of attention to the Chiefs in the last year knows Brett Favre is the opposite type of player Herm wants.

Arrowhead Addict has a piece about Carl Peterson and the upcoming Dark Knight Batman movie. They're running the Dark Knight at the IMAX here, but it's already sold out this weekend. Anyone ever seen a movie in an IMAX theater? I think I'm going to hold off and wait to see it there. Sounds like it would be worth it.

Just wanted to mention that I think Jeffrey Flanagan is doing a great job at Over the Top. It's pretty cool to see a newspaper embrace sports blogs and embrace them well. Keep up the good work Jeffrey.

Mr. Jon Yoon at says its about time the Chiefs took on a corporate sponsor. I'm sure Jon is fully prepared for the deluge of comments opposed to his stance. But as usual, he makes good points and it's tough to argue with him.

That's it for this morning. Jibber jabber away here if you're bored on this final bastion of work before the summer weekend.

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