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Training Camp Montage


Just went through some of the old Kansas City Chiefs training camp photos and picked out some of the betters ones. Many more after the jump.

Training camp begins in nine short days and if you've never really intensely followed the going ons of a Kansas City Chiefs training camp, the UW-RF Chiefs site is a must read. While the staff can get a bit confused between this player or that player during their practice summaries, they do provide a truly massive amount of pictures from training camp. And for that, we thank them.

So, here are some of the better pictures. Or at least the pictures that made me think of funny lines.


Not your usual caravan of River Falls vehicles, I'd imagine. (2006 camp)


Eddie Kennison even looked old in '06.


If Herm could wear this hat all the time, he would. (2006)


Once puberty begins, that'll look good. (2006)


Greg, we're telling you. You're not treated fairly here. Demand a trade. (2006)


Admit it. You thought that was Croyle too when you first glanced at it. (2006)


Small Jason Dunn, meet Large Jason Dunn. (2006)


And that throwing motion is why Casey Printers is in the CFL again. (2006)


During the off season, I, you know, like to hang out and work on my music. (2006)


You have no idea how angry I'm going to be in a year. (2007)


Anyone's life need saving? Maybe a choking incident or an emergency appendectomy?(2007)


Now you guys aren't going to sell any of this stuff I sign, right? (2007)


I'm telling ya coach. It's going to be o-kay. (2006)


A vegetarian diet? No way! (2006)


Herm: I wonder if I'm whimsical enough. (2006)


I can feel the whoosh of air from here. (2007)


Do Not interrupt Donnie Edwards' training camp yoga sessions. (2007)


Tough guy Herm. (2007)

Check out the 2006 training camp photo archives here and the '07 ones are here. You can also insert images into comments with the image button right above the text box in the comment box.

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