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The Kansas City Chiefs Freak Out Chart

I need to apologize for mixing up my Bronco games in the High and Low post yesterday. The Denver game I went to was the 27 to 11 loss in November. The game I described, as if I was there, was in December at Invesco Field. They were both bad losses at the hands of the Broncos and I simply got mixed up. The credibility of this blog is extremely important to me and I wanted to apologize for giving you misinformation. Won't happen again. Many thanks to the commenters who pointed it out.

Big props to a poster at Chiefs Coalition for the graphic.


I think it's pretty much dead on. Except that period a bit after Joe Montana, around 2003ish I think the freak outs dropped a bit.

Over the next three years or so, do we freak out more? Or less? As a whole fanbase, I think we'll see the freak outs rise this year then drop from there on out.

It's Friday so we'll be heavy on the FanShots so keep checking those out.

Anyone doing anything interesting this weekend? Since our move to Austin, TX, a little over a month ago, Miss Arrowhead Pride has been on an organic food, fresh vegetable kick so I think we're hitting up a local farmers market on Saturday. Then maybe Home Depot. I don't know if we'll have enough time.

Enjoy this Friday, where ever you are.

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