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The Highs and Lows of the 2007 Season


We're going to kick off this Thursday morning with what will hopefully turn out to be an interesting discussion. I'm serious this time. And there are lots of new FanShots today so check them out too.

Update: Yes, I know I mixed up the Denver games. It was late.

I want to know what you think is the best, most proud, most exciting moment the Kansas City Chiefs had last season. It can be a game, a play, a series. Whatever you want. Let us know where you think the wave crested.

Conversely, let's talk about the lowest, can't get any worse than this moment of last year.

Let me throw mine out first.

The best moment, the one that immediately stuck out when I thought of this topic, happened in Week 11. The Chiefs were playing the Colts in Indianapolis. We were 4-6 at the time and the severity of the team's problems hadn't sunk in yet, so we were still feeling suspiciously optimistic about the Chiefs. Not thinking playoffs per se but more along the lines of looking for solid progress.

With the score 10-3 in favor of the Colts late in the third quarter, Brodie Croyle completed his fifth pass of an eleven play drive to a streaking, smothered Dwayne Bowe in the left corner of the end zone.

Touchdown. Tie game.

With that, Brodie Croyle had taken the team on one of the longest drives of the season, coming in at eleven plays and nearly six minutes.

I loved it not only because it tied the game against the Super Bowl champion Colts but also because it was Croyle to Bowe, a phrase I had been wanting to yell out all season long. I wanted the young guys to play last year and form that foundation for the years of success to come.

The play just made me smile. At the time, with all of the uncertainty surrounding the team, it was something we could point to and say, "That's what we have to look forward to!"

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Alas, that play was one of the few bright spots amid a nine game losing streak. Without further delay, my worst moment of the 2007 season.

December 9th, 2007. Arrowhead Stadium. The only game I went to last season. And it was a slaughter.

The Broncos, and there is no easy way to put this, destroyed the Chiefs 41 to 7.

And the low point of it all was the entire second half. With the Broncos already leading 24 to 7 at half time (You could make a case for the first half of this game too as the worst moment), they pounded us for 17 more in the second half. The Chiefs' drives in the second half went three and out; interception; fumble; three and out; three and out; three and out; and fumble.

When Brodie Croyle was sacked and then fumbled the ball away late in the third quarter, the fans left in waves and when it was over in just a few short minutes, I bet no more than 20,000 fans remained. At the time, I spun it positively. Since I was staying the rest of the game no matter what, I figured it was a plus because there would be a shorter wait to get out of the stadium. And the beer lines would be shorter.

Don't forget that Tony Gonzalez was injured early in that third quarter. The Chiefs were in Bronco territory for exactly two plays in the second half and one of those resulted in a fumble.

Did I mention this was at Arrowhead Stadium?

I mean, it doesn't get much worse than that in franchise history, let alone 2007.

I wandered out of the stadium and into the parking lot of Arrowhead wondering, like most fans that day, how in the hell did this happened? When did this talent separation between us and Denver occur?

I also wondered where the nearest place I could grab a drink was. Turns out, it was in our car! And did that beer taste bitter. Not bitter because of the loss but because I'm pretty sure it was Keystone Light I was drinking.

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I looked back at these last night and I have to say I really enjoyed my writing on the site at the time and the comments were numerous and intense during that time period. Definitely close to the site's zenith.

Let's hear your worst and best moments.

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