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Pictures from the Kansas City Chiefs Mini-Camp

AP commenter mikvogel is at Arrowhead as we speak and he's sending us pictures of the Arby's mini-camp. Many, many thanks to mikvogel for doing this. Here's his first shot:


More after the jump...

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"Individual groups. LJ caught 2 long wheel routes - reached for 1 and brought it in well.

Tony has the best footwork on the field."


"Krumrie's head is redder than the jerseys... I think you can hear him 20 rows up."


"Special teams again. Place kicking. Barth Novak and Cundiff battle for the job."


"Team run. LJ on a toss - None of the shuffling feet of last year. Hit the hole and exploded. Tough to say what happens in pads, but he looks strong and determined."


"LJ up the middle. From the 9. Almost looked like a zone blocking scheme."


"Team plays.
1st play broken up pass by Morgan
Run by Larry
Pass to Tony
D line looks very fast
4th play sack by Boone"


"Final analysis.
Defense could be scary.
So could offense- for entirely different reasons.
Had a good time along with 11,000 others.

Thanks Mike! - Chris

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