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Morning Update (Friday Edition)

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  • They're talking about Larry Johnson's place among today's active running backs at Arrowhead Addict.

  • On Saturday, fans can head to Arrowhead Stadium for the Arby's mini-camp. Gates open at 9:30 AM and the mini-camp starts at 11:30 AM. If anyone goes to that and snaps some pictures or video, send it our way ( There may be traffic issues getting there so be aware.

  • RB Darren McFadden is officially an Oakland Raider.

  • Damion McIntosh on how easy the switch from left to right tackle is -- "If you're a right-hander, trying writing with your left."

  • MVN -- Carl Peterson is Still a Liability Until Proven Otherwise.

  • I love this line from rookie TE Brad Cottam -- "I was pretty much in awe when I first met Tony and then you look over and he’s got two lockers. That tells you everything you need to know."

  • Too much to drink at Applebees? - "Two sources involved in the investigation tell 2 On Your Side that a witness has placed Bills Running Back Marshawn Lynch behind the wheel of his S.U.V. at the time of a hit-and-run accident early Saturday morning."

  • Finally, Adam Teicher looks over the Chiefs' options for the return game.

We're approaching critical mass with these NFL players drinking and driving. How many players have to be involved in accidents or arrested before a guy with millions of dollars on the line says to a friend, "Can you drive?"

Does anyone know of any statistics related to NFL players and drunk driving? Speaking anecdotally, these incidents seem to be quickly on the rise.

We're working on an inside report from the Kansas City Chiefs OTAs, which may come over the weekend or on Monday. Or even today. Stay tuned.