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We Just Weren't That Into You


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Even though the league has only been through a mini-camp or two, as well as OTAs, it's about time we checked on the illustrious bunch of NFL players that were let go by the Kansas City Chiefs this off-season. Because if you're getting cut from a dismal 4-12 football team, the only place you've got to go is up, right?

Your current opinion of these guys is going to be influenced by the team you cheer for as much as their play on the football field.

To Dolphin fans, Boomer Grigsby is a fun loving guy they wish the best of luck to. Kris Wilson is versatile to Eagles fans. Samie Parker is fast. And Steeler fans like the sound of Keyaron Fox on their team for the veteran-minimum salary. And so on and so on.

The expiration date on our patience for all of those guys ran out over the course of the last year or so, even though we shared those same sentiments about the players mentioned as their current team's fans do now. It's interesting to see the emotional attachments we often unknowingly have with these players we've never known on a personal level.

Alright, without anymore rambling, here we go.


Samie Parker

It appears that Bronco fans already have a pretty good grasp of Samie Parker's abilities, although far be it from me to wish the guy anything but luck. Except against the Chiefs. And actually everyone else.

FlaBroncoFan at Mile High Report said Parker sounded like a "poor man’s Ashley Lelie", which I have to say is quite fitting once it settled in on me.

By most accounts, through the off-season activities, Samie Parker is falling into that obscure sort of 3rd/4th receiver role. In other words, he may play a bit of time at wide out. And he'll definitely put in his share of special teams play. Or he won't make team. One of those things will happen.

The local media and the fans have naturally narrowed their Samie Parker news to discussing his great speed, which isn't really impressing anyone so much as giving them something to actually describe Samie Parker as a football player with. Because there isn't much to go on if you think about it.

Casey Wiegmann

Danni Boatwright's husband left Kansas City without much resistance. It was kind of funny. Here was this, at one time, excellent center on the best offensive line in football. And now, how many of you even remember when Wiegmann was signed by the Broncos? Was it in March, April or May? I'd have to go back and check myself.

Needless to say, Casey Wiegmann is making little news in Colorado, as a veteran back up center should be. He'll be looking at a back up role and nothing more.

Boomer Grigsby


You've got to hand it to Boomer Grigsby. Fans love him wherever he goes. I mean, you have to love a guy who says this:

"I see myself more as a corporate-America frontman shaking hands and kissing babies and building relationships with people. I feel like that's something I do best."

Take that quote and add in this one about him crashing a friends car, and you've got a pretty good picture of how the world views Boomer.

"I kind of gave a growl and smashed into it face-first. (The passenger) had this look of shock, and I was just ‘That was awesome!’ I got out and did the celebration-of-life dance."

Currently, it appears Boomer's spot on the roster is safe because his special teams ability. That, and the Dolphin's fullback situation isn't completely settled.

Ty Law

Pretty much all you need to know about Ty Law is that no team is really interested in him. The strongest rumors in the off-season about Law's possible landing spot were in Cleveland but nothing has officially transpired as of now. Contained within that Dayton Daily News link is the exact story template that will be used for the rest of the summer:

"Rumors around the league claim that Law is asking for a little too much in terms of money, and the Browns might be willing to add him to their roster if he lowers his price."

Replace Browns with Patriots or any other team and you've got a Ty Law story hot and ready.

Benny Sapp

Do you know much how news accumulates about a potential back up cornerback in the months of May and June? If you're the Chiefs other player that left for the Minnesota Vikings, you're going to get a ton of press. But a cornerback?

None. Zip.

So, that's all I have to say about Benny Sapp. He's still the camp fodder, on the cusp of the decent cornerback he was with the Chiefs.

Jared Allen

After catching bits and pieces of how Jared Allen is basically going to kick ass in Minnesota this season, it's still tough to swallow the fact that he is no longer leading the Chiefs defensive line. After a few months, I just say to myself, "Man, the guy was freakin' awesome!" That's the level of reasoning I've come down to - freakin' awesome. The off-season will do that to you.

I won't waste much time talking about Jared Allen. Check out the Daily Norseman for their coverage of Allen. To sum it up, they're still in love with the trade and they think he's freakin' awesome.


Kris Wilson

Did you know Kris Wilson is finally ready to be a full time tight end?

"My hat goes off to Tony, he's a great player. We had a good relationship. He pushed me and I pushed him. ... But my opportunities have been limited up to this point."

The Eagles are treating Wilson as a full time tight end, which means he should get more production. I don't know. Maybe he'll get more production. Never was a big fan of Bigfoot. Ah, I wish him well and hope Philly makes him happier than Kansas City did.

There is no news on Jimmy Wilkerson or Keyaron Fox. So check out Buc 'Em and Behind the Steel Curtain for what little coverage actually exists on these guys.

I know I left a few more guys off the list (Guess what the summer update is on Eddie Drummond?) but that means they're like Wilkerson and Fox, nothing of note has happened. Besides the loss of Jared Allen, which the Chiefs at the end of it didn't really have a hand in anymore, I have no longing feelings for any of those players we let go. The right decisions were made for the right reasons with these cuts.

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