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Friday Morning Update

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  • You want Larry Johnson running angry again this year? Well he just broke up with his long time girlfriend.

  • And we do need a nickname for Glenn Dorsey. We failed greatly last year when choosing a nickname for Brodie Croyle. For some reason, I was pretty set on B. Dazzle. Looking back on it, that name is freakin' terrible.

  • Jared Allen, by the numbers.

  • Wow. Looks like Wachovia banned AP and Arrowhead Addict from their work servers. This trick may work but I'm not sure. It's a worth a try. Go here to Google Translate, enter in and translate it into English. It may work, may not. Good luck you Wachovia employees reading this from home and then going in to work.

  • I'm not surprised at all that Mr. Wendler worked in a Star Trek mention in his latest article out of WPI.

  • Got a kick out of this headline from The Falcoholic - Someone Is Actually Willing To Pay Us For Joe Horn.

  • Another good read from Stampede Blue this time - David Terrell, Koren Robinson, Rod Gardner, Santana Moss, Freddie Mitchell or Reggie Wayne?.

  • Blogging the Boys is running down the top ten Cowboy moments of 2007. You think we can give that a stab here? Do we have ten plays we'd like to remember from 2007? Seriously.

  • That screen shot at the top is from Madden 2009, which ships in August. For me, it doesn't get any better than Joe Montana Sports Talk Football for Sega Genesis. The announcer on kick offs was the best - "It's up, it's high and it's good." I remember sitting there at age 11 thinking technology had a long, long way to go.

DJ's post from yesterday still has a lot of good discussion going on. is now featuring our front page stuff on its Chiefs section which means, if you write something great and I bump it up to the front page, your post will be sitting there with the content and the Kansas City Star content. For example, right now, DJ's headline is linked on the homepage at the bottom right under the Chiefs news.

Pretty cool, huh? All the more motivation for me and you to knock it out of the park with each post. Keep up the good work everyone.