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If Gale Sayers was a Kansas City Chief...


Do the Chiefs have one or two more Super Bowl rings? And to be fair, then Chiefs running back Mike Garnett was pretty good too.

Blair Kerkhoff of The Kansas City Star wrote about Sayers last night after the Hall of Fame running back accepted the Lamar Hunt Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kansas City Sports Commission’s annual banquet.

"I signed a four-year contract with the Bears for $25,000 a year," Sayers said. "I thought (Hunt) would give me something better. He offered $27,500.

"I thought, ‘New league, no, I can’t do that.’ You didn’t know it was going to be a good league, so I decided to go with the Bears."

We don't talk enough about the players of the '60s, '70s and even the dark '80s around here. Part of that is that those years are before my time as a fan and another part that blog readers are generally younger than someone who may have witnessed those early years with a keen eye.

And that sounds like the birth of an off season post series right there. We can chronicle the rosters of the early years of the franchise. Anyone else game? At the very least, we'll learn a ton and have topics to discuss. It's the desert of the off season news, in sports in general after the NBA Finals ended two nights ago. There, I just decided. We'll start next week. If you have a player you specifically want to write about, shoot me an e-mail.

35 days until training camp starts. 48 days until the first preseason down will be played. And 79 days until the Chiefs take the field against the New England Patriots.

And to get your Friday morning started off well, take a few minutes, relax and watch these clips of Gale Sayers.

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