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Chiefs Drop an UDFA Wide Receiver

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I don't believe this was mentioned when I posted about Trevor Johnson being signed.

I was away for a few days last week and it appears during that time Luke Swan was placed on waivers by the Kansas City Chiefs (the same day they signed free agent Trevor Johnson).

I could find no announcement on the Chiefs' site, but Swan is indeed no longer listed on the team's roster.

No update on any potential future move on Swan's website, which still has him on the Chiefs.

Earth shattering news? Certainly not. But it's a reminder to keep an eye on the roster because not all roster moves are publicly announced, especially during the off season.

If you haven't paid close attention, and I mean close attention, to the Kansas City Chiefs roster moves in the off season you'll probably be surprised at the speed and frequency with which players are signed and subsequently dropped. It will get really crazy come August but with 92 players or so on the team, we'll see more players quietly drop off the roster in early summer than normal years.