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The Over/Under on the Kansas City Chiefs '08 Wins

This guy combines the sleaziness and wardrobe of a used car dealer and the bombast of a sports anchor.

I'm not a gambler by financial choice so I can't relate any experiences worth mentioning.

Unless you the count the time I was 12-years old and playing poker with my uncle and a friend of mine. My friend tried to look at my uncle's cards after a hand was over (he didn't know any better) when my uncle grabbed his hand and said he would break it if my friend tried to look at his cards again.

Then my uncle regaled us with the tale of the time he had the title of his neighbor's house in the pot of a poker game years ago. My uncle won apparently but I don't think he ever took that house.

Anyone have any funny or exciting gambling stories? All stories apply on this Friday.

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